Sub-Epidermal System Innovative Care, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How will S.E.S screenings be conducted?
• All interested individuals will receive formal consultation and evaluations.

2. Who is eligible for S.E.S clinical trials and or studied?
• All individuals who have experienced ineffective hair removal or documented associated conditions.

3. How do interested individuals become involved?
• All individuals can submit a request for consultation by telephone or email.

4. Are individuals paid or compensated for any of the clinical trials and or studies?
• No

5. Do individuals need insurance to participate?
• No

6. Are there any side effects from S.E.S clinical trials and or studies?
• Some small adverse effects may be a factor pending an individuals condition.

7. Are qualified professionals available for consultation?
• Yes, Practitioners will consult, guide and inform every individual of all aspects of clinical trials and or studies._

8. Do qualified Practitioners perform and or conduct the S.E.S clinical trials and or studies?
• Yes

9. Will any medications/drugs be required during,following or to undergo the clinical trials and or studies?
• No, unless severe side effects occur which are not common.

10. How many studies and or clinical trials be required in order to participate?
• All studies or trials are based on individuals pre-existing condition.

11. Are the clinical trials and or studies safe?
• Yes, as well as effective and permanent.

12. Do individuals need a Physician’s approval in order to participate?

• A Physician’s approval is optional but recommended.

13. How much will the clinical trial and or study cost?
• There is no cost to participate but all individuals are required to submit an application fee that is donated to the organizations cause.

14. How am I determined to be an eligible candidate for any clinical trial or study?
• Based on individual Physician recommendation and approval including the evaluation and consultation performed by S.E.S. Representatives and/or Practitioners. 

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