Sub-Epidermal System Innovative Care, Inc.


Sub-Epidermal System Innovative Care, (S.E.S) Inc. would like for those interested in making a difference in the Health Care Community and lives of others, to become a part of our Volunteer Program and or Research Team.

Volunteers dedicate their time, knowledge and assistance by providing caring, autonomous support and guidance while holding high regard for the organization’s mission as top priority.

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Conference Calls Live
Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-3220, Access Code: 511711#
Join us soon and connect live via telephone for free.
Connect live with Practitioners, Researchers, Volunteers Health Community and Public.

New Group/Free Conference Play Back
Playback Number: (605) 475-3228, Access Code: 511711#

Focus Group Sessions will be conducted Monthly by Conference Call with main focus on the following areas:
The Immune System and Alternative Health Tips

Check our Upcoming Events Calendar for open public session
*Note*Some sessions and calls are not open for public and listed as private we ask that callers do not call at those times or calls will be rejected*

Sub Epidermal System Innovative Care Inc.(S.E.S) believes that our sustainability relies not only the good works of our volunteers and employees within but from the overall great support of the public, community agencies, resources and individuals servicing them so... we embrace the efforts of long lasting relationships through the following;

Match our mission by joining forces and become an extension of our services in efforts to offer a wider variety of resources easily accessed and available. We encourage all Health Care Practitioners, Medical Associations, Health Care Community Leaders, and other Non-profit Organizations with similar matching missions to join alliance with our organization and exhibit unity for the community!

Sub-Epidermal System Innovative Care, Inc. Request for local Businesses of the Health Care Communities who support our organizations mission to get involved in the transformation of new services in technology and become sponsors for the development of safe and effective technology.

Sub-Epidermal System Innovative Care, Inc. Rely on and appreciate the support of other agencies and the individuals who serve them.
Our program encourages those wishing to build strong alliances and extensions of resources to extend their measure of support through us!

Sub-Epidermal System Innovative Care, Inc. Appreciate the individual concerns of our community who understand that contributions can be made in many ways but the only way is to extend your concern.
Our program believes donating
will open the options for others who don't have many available.
Visit our donate page.

At this time we like to thank all public non-profit locations for doing an excellent job in keeping our community aware of our mission.
If any persons would like to send suggestions of public nonprofit agencies that would benefit from our resources feel free to contact us!
Sub-Epidermal System Innovative Care, Inc.
Satellite Office
161 Wisner Avenue
Middletown, NY 10940
Attention: Ms. Florence Fahmie
Board Director
Toll Free: 1(844)741-9176